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Biz Senses & Creativity

An agog people person of youth culture, social change, and digital trends. With previous experience working in a varied range of sub-creative industries, from a clothing company, youtube multi channel network (MCN) content creator, a film production as a Movie Director, a production house team, an editor of youtube channel such a Gen halilintar. To an international creative agency that called Visi Muda Nusantara, my ability has grown beyond the scope agency that provides digital marketing & marketing 4.0 consulting services and influencers management, thus allowing an exposure to Indonesia’s vibrant agency.

While the extensive work of creative industry is my prime objective today, my cross disciplinary interest in law, psychology, politics, and books help me maintain a sense of multi – perspective in my life.

I write a book, and write a song / jingle for semi professional purpose. I also involve in youth initiatives organization that called Yauvana Movement, that will help me procure a better understanding of “skena indie” that boost me up to produce a side stream idea and out of the box creation, as well as fulfill my deepest passion for political executive candidate.


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